Sound provides the heartbeat of our storytelling.

Sound helps to create atmosphere, elicit emotion, and set tone.

When combined with images and other mediums, sound will make your concept come alive


Consistency across all mediums and channels is a key facet in establishing a marketable strategy and reinforcing your core project values and approach.

We want to help you to realize the creative potential of your project with sound and music content that accurately represents your project identity.

We can create unique sound design content that fits the feel and tone of your brand and project supporting and enhancing your project theme and narrative.

YHL offers boutique services to cater for clients that require unique, high quality sound and music content with all the trimmings of creative consultation, design, development, creation, implementation and operational support.

Let’s create a unique sound or music identity.

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For all types of productions ranging from:

  • theatre

  • live performance and events

  • radio

  • art installations

  • fashion shows

  • podcasts

  • music

  • TV shows and film

  • video games

  • commercials

  • music videos

  • ADR

  • audio formatting

  • and more!

Our audio design team offers many services including:

  • sound editing and enhancement

  • sound synthesis and creation

  • audio FX and foley

  • audio mixing and mastering

  • audio restoration and noise removal

  • original music production and composition

  • sync licensing and song placement

  • in-studio recording and voice-overs

  • live sound production, mixing and recording