Audio Mixing

Let our world-class engineers balance and enhance the sonic elements of your track with our expert mixing, a crucial and often overlooked aspect of the post-production process.

Audio Mastering

Give your track the polish it needs to really get noticed. Mastering is the last step in post-production and our engineers' specialty. Don't let all your hard work be negated by leaving out the final part of completing your track.

Single Release Package

This all-in-one package for releasing your single is one of the best value buys in our service offering, combining mixing, mastering and cover art. Perfect for new and aspiring artists looking to get their music out as strongly as possible.


Album Release Package

Release your full album and let us take care of the hard work. The best combination of design, music, media and technology to get your vision realized after you make the music, or before if necessary, handled by our collective.


Graphic Design

Cover Art Package

Our graphic design team creates amazing, inspired artwork. Let us design the cover art for your next single, album, book or website, and create something that stands out and captures attention.

Branding Kit

Branding beyond the logo encompasses all of the other elements that represent your project – the font, the styles, the colors, the voice. Let our team help set the guidelines to align all the points of your brand elements aligned for you to grow the enterprise.

Graphics Kit

Infographics, one-off design, eye-catching charts, page layout, poster art, social media graphics, and other graphic elements all require a talented strategic eye and the creative skills to execute. Contact our collective for any custom graphics request.

Logo Design

Creating a logo is one of the most important aspects of launching a memorable brand. Imagery that captures your mission and represents your ethos is as relevant for new artists as it is for fashion labels, companies and non-profits.


Video Production

Music Video

If your track is worth listening to, it's worth watching and sharing across more platforms. Let our collective of experienced video content producers, directors and editors help make your video dream come true.

Color Correction

The final step to releasing any video content is the color correction process. Like our audio mastering, taking the time to complete your project in these final stages can make all the difference in getting a new release moving in the right direction.


For commercial projects, video games, and other projects requiring expert narration and voice-overs, we can provide access to great talent, including the “big voices” responsible for major brands in national television campaigns.

Video Editing

Let our post-production experts manage your video project's editing process, and take the stress off your shoulders. We have extensive experience working with film and video for movies, commercials and music videos among other uses.

Talent Casting

Help elevate your song, content, campaign, photo shoot or event with the proper casting. Bring your ideas and let our team handle the rest; advertising, casting and choosing the best talent to round out your production.


Web Design

One-Page Website

Perfect for an event, album release, digital business, starter-site, or to pull together all your social profiles in one place, our one-page website is custom designed by our YHL web experts.

Premium Website

For most personal brands and businesses, the premium website offers a more thoughtful production, including enough pages to help sell your offer and expert copywriting so it all makes sense to visitors.

Enterprise Website

For bigger companies, this option is a must-have for websites with lots of content -- whether we're talking about words, images, videos or product SKUs -- whatever you have that needs to be organized and displayed correctly, we can help. Choose this option to benefit from YHL's strategic and design advice, a full-service team to take your hand in every step through the final execution.

Copywriting (General)

Copywriting for general needs, including most brands, our team of writers are versed in social media, ad and display copy, long-form and UI writing. Never mind spelling mistakes, hire our trained team to provide a brand voice that will help your message be heard in a crowded marketplace.

Copywriting (Expert)

Copywriting for technical fields, the professions and any other area where in-depth knowledge is required for the words you need, these top writers have worked on everything from banking to beauty, and can help make sense of what you really want to say.


Creative Direction

Social Strategy

Brands today live in the reality embraced by their consumers and the world they create online. With so many tools to do this correctly, online branding and influencer partners and alliances available, let's define a clear strategy that will generate the eyeballs and interest in you that you need to grow.

Vision Strategy

The second step in our process is setting the vision. For everyone from solo singers defining their voice to big companies contemplating a new line, having the right vision for success determines how far you can go. Complete this workshop with the right vision of who you should become in the marketplace.

Brand Audit

The first step in launching a brand is to understand what you actually have in your hands. Our audit is useful for any creative or business pursuit coming to market. Let us help you understand what you have that makes you unique, where you stand in the market and how to move forward on your best foot.

Business Strategy

The business of a brand is the last step that unifies our work in a way that can actually lead to sales. Forget cookie-cutter, our approach is to understand and define all the assets and connections you really have, then help you develop those into a way to profit. Brands need real business thinking to thrive.


Social Media Marketing

Community Boost

YHL is managing dozens of social media personas on behalf of musicians, brands and big companies. These accounts are run by our trained technicians to carefully post custom messages from the account owners. They also can retweet or like other news from related accounts. In this case, yours. The concept here is to help spark grassroots interest in new brands by getting good content to travel widely.

Media Network Boost

YHL controls accounts representing more than half a million of followers just on Twitter; overall, our social media presence tops out above a million people. These channels are broadly focused on music, fashion, design and technology. Buy a boost for a retweet or promotional post across one or all of these verticals.

Ad Buying Consultation

The advertising world works on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and we can deliver those views over our internally-run networks, in partnership with each social platform and via branded media accounts. Work with our experts to create an all-social ad buy package that can be integrated with a traditional media buy campaign that we can also help you develop.


Social Media Management

Influencer Starter Kit

Download our package on how to become an influencer, what materials you need to produce and great tips to help make all the work worthwhile. With the right content in-hand, we'll set up your social accounts so they work correctly and represent your brand.

Brand Social Starter Kit

Download our package on how to develop your brand over social media, what materials needed to make this work and best practices to generate ROI. Come back to us once you have the prescribed content and we'll set up your social accounts to represent your brand.

Brand / Influencer Social Management

Let us take over the management of your brand or influencer account, and we'll guaranty 1,000 relevant followers in a month. Choose Twitter or Facebook and schedule an appointment to get started.

Enterprise Social Management

Companies that are growing can benefit from social media to interact with customers and create new sales channels. Hire us to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress or Squarespace website. Our team works with you to develop the content strategy and then can takeover managing all these channels.

Instagram Management

Instagram is built for custom photography. Our photographers and graphic designers work wonders in partnership with our social media channel ghostwriters. With so many buyers making purchasing decisions on these two platforms, position yourself on Instagram for success with our help.

Snapchat Management

Snapchat thrives on custom video. Involve us in your behind-the-scenes and we can produce content and manage your account to generate impressions for growth. Relevant for both companies and influencers, let us help you make the right impression on this channel that is driving sales for young brands.

Virtual Help Desk

Social media has created direct lines of communication between companies and customers. For many companies, their Twitter and Facebook accounts are the chosen means to register questions or complaints. Let us train a crew of social media managers to be available 24-7 to field these inquiries for you and refer thorny problems to the right people at your company. Rather than trust a foreign company or an AI robot to communicate with your customers, let us manage real, American humans to offer great service in your name.