Graphic Design

Humans are visual by nature; design can grab attention and never let go.


Graphic design is the backbone and soul of every marketing operation. YHL was built by artists to help you. 

Every element of a brand campaign runs through YHL's graphic team, resulting in fresh, innovative designs that align and reinforce brand equity.

Graphic design, illustration, photo editing, and product concepting are tools we deploy for creative solutions.

Design that takes digital and print technology into consideration raises your brand or company’s campaigns to a whole new level. When design pairs with technology around marketing goals, images bind you to your audience.

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Complete design services can include:


  • Logos and branding elements
  • Custom graphics and animation
  • Newsletter and brochure layout
  • Packaging design
  • Advertising design
  • Illustrations for signs, posters and banners
  • Marketing materials, annual reports, and much more

Finished files ready to go to press, evocative imagery that stands out, capturing the eye and demanding attention.

Quality, service, professionals, artisans and tastemakers. That’s the YHL difference, by design.

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