Creative Direction

Where design meets strategy.


Producing high-quality content requires a lot of creative input from a lot of different creative people.

It also requires an overall guiding force to harness all of this creativity, and focus it on producing a cohesive final product.


Our creative collective came together out of desire and necessity; all of us were working as the creative minds for companies and brands, and we found ourselves relying on others in our casual consortium for their expertise in the various elements of the creative supply chain. 

Formalizing ourselves as YHL, the great advantage for clients has been to assemble this top-level, high-caliber, creativity machine to work hands-on to guide all their brands in the right direction.

For us, creative direction is the outcome of pairing a brand's business goals with the right artistic concept that reflects the goal, then executing in graphics, video, copy, internal programs, paid ads, or in messages sprinkled throughout an online community. 

Coming from the top, creative direction is also how we maintain the bigger-picture vision to ensure a unified creative vision that meets a project’s long-term goals.

After the initial creative brainstorm and the direction is set, YHL's creatives work with you throughout the development and production process, allowing for feedback, suggestions, and guidance to ensure that your project is executed to the highest level of its creative potential.

YHL's artist and designer collective is effectively a creative brain trust can manage all of the disparate choices and decisions that need to be made from development, casting, and locations through production, editing, graphics, music, visual effects, sound design, and final delivery.

Whether your ultimate goal is to entertain, persuade, inspire, or sell, YHL will make sure your message is delivered in the most memorable, compelling, and creative way possible.

There are endless ways to share your message – YHL will make sure that we’re using the best possible one.

Running a brand or company means having a lot of moving parts: strategy, story, videos, photos, advertisements and more.

Creative direction is the process of overseeing it all, guiding all the pieces so they create a beautiful picture while still maintaining the company goals — and bottom line.

After many years in business, brands and companies often have a scattered collection of marketing materials and methods. Some were started at the beginning and still in use, some were suggested by an internal person or team that seems to still work, others might have been put in place by previous marketing or advertising agencies hired for specific projects.

When was the last time you, your brand or company stopped to look at the entire marketing picture as well as each piece of it, and how those pieces work together and affect each other?


As one creative director explained,

“Creative direction is about the forest and the trees. More specifically, it’s about helping those in the trees see the forest, and helping those who only see the forest remember the trees, too.”

Creative directors run the risk of becoming creative dictators, offering the final say on what ideas move forward and which are discarded. At YHL, we know it’s important to have someone looking at the picture-in-picture of your marketing, but two minds are better than one. Our creative direction is about igniting a force, inspiring our team and yours to create something truly magnificent for you, your brand or company.

YHL’s creative direction includes:

Establishing and maintaining brand standards.

Matching graphic elements and language so they work in concert.

Keeping core messaging (words and images) consistent with the target market and buying cycle stage.

Considering how design will affect your business.

Developing concepts for the team of designers and writers to work with.

Thinking ahead about changes in the industry and marketing methodologies that may impact your company’s overall strategy.

Preparing storyboards, surveys and other early-stage documentation to present to company boards

Staffing the development and execution of any project