Audio Design


Our audio design team offers many services including audio mixing and mastering, music production, recording and voice-overs, sound editing and synthesis, sound FX and other audio services for all types of productions ranging from music, film, TV shows, video games, commercials and music videos to events, theatre, live performance, sound art, radio, art installations and fashion shows.

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Mixing / Mastering

We combine professional grade industry standard gear with years of mixing and mastering experience in a diverse variety of applications

Music Production

We produce and create music across a wide range of different genres and styles used in music releases, tv shows, film and video games

Audio Recording

We help artists, musicians and creatives realize their visions, dreams and potential in NYC and abroad

Production resources

We make tools, sound fx and other resources for music-makers, engineers and producers to use in their own music productions as well as video games, tv shows, film and art projects

Work With US

We are always looking for new audio design specialists to join our growing team of talented individuals

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